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Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Abortion Arguments

October 1, 2017

On this Respect Life weekend, it is a good time to renew our understanding of how we help people to find the truth about the dignity of human life and the need to protect it. One of the most important arrows in our quiver to fight for the dignity of life is to anticipate the objections of those who are willing to defend the cruel practice of abortion.

In that regard, I recommend reading the website of a college group called Students for Life, on their Top 10 reasons that they are prolife ( Many pro-abortionists (they are not really “pro-choice” despite this harmless-sounding label) will claim that this is the only position that lines up with feminism and respect for the independence of women, or even claim that pro-lifers oppress women.

Here are some great counter-arguments from that website.

  • I’m pro-life because being able to abort our offspring is not a fundamental right and in fact is the complete antithesis of female empowerment and equality.
  • I’m pro-life because I take motherhood seriously, and abortion and the lack of support society gives to women robs a mother of her chance to be one.
  • I’m pro-life because I love my future daughters and would never deny them the right to live, no matter how they were conceived or when they were conceived. As a mother, I would do everything in my power to ensure that my daughter first lives, and then lives well.

Another line of argumentation holds that we must allow abortions because of the “hard cases” such as rape or incest. I recommend challenging that like this: What if I agreed with you, that those abortions should be allowed? Would you then work with me to prevent abortions in all other cases? Most of the time, they will quickly try to change the subject or dodge the question. That helps expose this argument as the smoke-screen that it is. However, there may be some people who genuinely believe that these are the only circumstance where this is OK. In that case, you might challenge them by asking why a child should be punished for the crime of his father. That will get people thinking.

Even more important is the witness of those who are the victims of rape and incest that speak out on the gift of life. The hard-cases argument to defend abortion then becomes a little bit less abstract and forces the pro-abortionist to admit that yes, this real-live flesh-and-blood human being standing before me should not have been killed. Makes their argument much less appealing.

I highly recommend reading the work of Ryan Bomberger. He is a fascinating and very creative young man whose mother was raped. He was adopted into a multi-racial very large Christian family, whose parents poured out love and hope upon their 15 children. Since then, he has created the Radiance Foundation to be the voice of hope and in a very charitable way to expose the lies that “pro-choice” folks tell, including that people should be condemned to death because of the circumstances of their conception. He is also very convincing exposing Planned Parenthood’s lie that they care about women. (See his website

Specifically, regarding the completely false claim of Planned Parenthood that only 3% of their “services” are abortion, check out There, he shows that, among other things that the (pro-abortion) media never “fact checks” is that over 80% of the profits of Planned Parenthood come from killing children in the womb. As he mentions, if you are in the business of killing for a living, cooking the numbers and stretching the truth are only minor additional offenses.



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