Connect with OLV175

Connect with OLV175


It's all about Connections

We know if it's not in your phone, it's probably not on your mind. That's just how things go these days. We get it. We're guilty of it too. OLV175 is updating all the time with new events, contests, and information. So we want to make your life easy and be as accessible as possible! There are more ways than ever to participate in the OLV175 Celebrations, starting right there from your phone. So, connect with us! We'll see you on the other side. 


OLV Parish & School Facebook is your one-stop shop to see all the current events, activities, and information for OLV175. We'll post all of our upcoming events as well as fun historically OLV facts or questions every week. There's tons of information and pictures on the page itself, but what's more, it'll always link back to our website, where we can go into a little more detail and provide you with even more insight.




Who even reads the bulletin any more? You should! We pack the bulletin with loads of information and devotionals. It's a great resource for not only OLV175, but all of Our Lady of Victory Parish! Even school will occasionally send a notice through the bulletin. Lucky for you, the bulletin can be accessed either through our website, or within the app! There are no excuses now. So the moral of the story is: read your bulletin...thoroughly. 

The Victory Vision

While snail mail isn't the most effective (or fastest) form of communication any more, it's often more thorough and leaves a bit more room for reflection. Every month, OLV sends out a Newsletter encompassing the happenings of both the school and parish for the previous and coming months. This is a great chance to learn more about OLV175 in a more expansive way, and from parishioners just like you who write for the VV. These are also available through our app and website.