Adult Religious Education

Adult Religious Education

Mission Statement: 

The Adult Religious Education Team desires to meet the needs of the parish community
by providing learning opportunities that strengthen our relationship with God and with each other.
The Adult Education Team works with the Director of Religious Education to plan,
execute and evaluate adult learning opportunities that respond to the needs of the parish community.


Ready to form your faith?
Contact Jonathan Schaefer at






What is FORMED?

FORMED is a site that streams the best available Catholic content FREE, whether that’s movies, books, Bible studies, etc.
FORMED makes all of this accessible to you from any device. To sum it up: It’s basically a Catholic Netflix. 
And now you can have it in your home because Our Lady of Victory has purchased it for the whole parish!

How do I access FORMED?  

Just go to, register yourself, then type in our Parish Access Code: c82551 and you’re ready to go!
You can also download the app in your app store on your mobile device.
Now you have access to all sorts of awesome faith forming materials! It’s that simple! 





...encountering the Catholic faith not just on Sunday, but all throughout the week. 

Faith Formation for every parishioner.

Whether you are looking to grow in your faith or just learning about the Catholic Church for the first time, Symbolon will take you through a journey into the timeless beauty and truths of the Catholic faith and reveal God’s incredible love for us—the story of our salvation.

These 10 sessions of Symbolon—Knowing the Faith, will take you through the Creed, or statement of beliefs that Catholics all around the world profess at every Mass. Filmed on location in Rome, the Holy Land, Calcutta, and in the Augustine Institute studios in Denver, CO, Symbolon is not just about an intellectual understanding of Catholicism, but a journey of faith, discovery, and friendship with Christ that will make a lasting impression on our lives. Featuring dozens of nationally known teachers, Symbolon unveils the beauty and richness of the Catholic story, and brings us into a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, his plan for our lives, and how we can live this plan more deeply in our daily lives. At Victory we have starting an effort to strengthen our parish community by evangelizing and re-energizing the community through interactive videos to help explain our Catholic faith. These videos help us to learn more about our faith but also help us see how it relates to our lives. Below is the link to register to watch the videos that the parish has paid to get access to for all of our parishioners. Below the link is the summary of the sessions.  Dates of upcoming meeting will be posted on our parish website and in the bulletin.  We have two groups at the parish. One group meets Thursday mornings and the other meets every other Wednesday Evening.

Below is a list of summaries for each session:

Summary of Symbolon Session 1 - The Journey of Faith:  Trinity, Faith and the God Who Is Love

Summary of Symbolon Session 2- Divine Revelation

Summary of Symbolon Session 3 - The Bible

Summary of Symbolon Session 4 - The Story of Salvation

Summary of Symbolon Session 5 - Who is Jesus?

Summary of Symbolon Session 7 - The Holy Spirit and the Life of Grace

Summary of Symbolon Session 8 - Why do need the Church?

Summary of Symbolon Session 9 - Mary and the Saints

Summary of Symbolon Session 10 - The Last Things