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The Athletic Association provides the opportunity for our grade school and high school students to participate in sports. The various sports available to youth include soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, football, lacrosse, golf and volleyball. To participate in athletics, students must be enrolled in Our Lady of Victory School or Our Lady of Victory's PSR Program. The Athletic Association provides many of the capital improvements that are necessary to ensure first-class facilities for all sports participants.

(All sporting facilities are handicap accessible)



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OLV Athletic Association Policy Handbook

Archdiocese Charter on Catholic Youth Athletics

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OLV Student Athlete Eligibility
To participate in athletics, students must be enrolled in Our Lady of Victory School or Our Lady of Victory's PSR Program.

Requirements for those attending PSR:

  • Families must be registered with the parish and be Catholic.
  • Students must be baptized Catholics. (If they are not baptized Catholics, then they cannot attend PSR, and thus they cannot play sports for Our Lady of Victory.)
  • Students must be registered at the beginning of the PSR year. Registering right before a sports season is not permitted.
  • Attendance is taken at PSR and if students miss more than 4 days, they are not eligible to play. They must not miss more than 4 days during the entire school year to receive credit for the year.
  • All Our Lady of Victory athletic teams must release students attending Parish School of Religion (PSR) class by 6:30 p.m. on Mondays from practices to attend class at 6:45 p.m. Students cannot be penalized by restricting playing time during games.
  • If students stop coming to class after the sports season is over, they are not eligible to play for Our Lady of Victory the following year in any sport.

If your sport is combined with another school to make a team, students must be registered at their parish to be eligible. The Parish Office is calling other parishes to check that they are registered members.
The only way that a student who is not Catholic (not baptized) can play sports for Our Lady of Victory is if they are attending our school as a private student.

If you have questions about PSR classes or these requirements, please contact the Office of Religious Education at (513) 347-2071.


All Coaches, Chaperones, School and Parish Volunteers:

Our Lady of Victory Parish follows the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s policy regarding the protection of children.  The Archdiocese requires that all volunteers and staff who work with children must attend a VIRTUS Training Session, complete an online background check, and read monthly training bulletins.

To register for a VIRTUS session, go to www.virtusonline.org, and create a login and password. You can then select a training session, place, date and time that is most convenient for you. As of January 1st, 2014 volunteers are no longer required to be fingerprinted, however, they must complete an online background check with Selection.com from within their VIRTUS account. The background check is required for everyone. For more information, click here, to see our VIRTUS Awareness page and upcoming training sessions.  If you have any questions, please call Natalie Brunsman, OLV Virtus Coordinator, at 347-8824.


OLV Athletic Association Meetings:

The OLV Athletic Association meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month either in the cafeteria or at the concession stand depending on the season.  All are welcome to attend!