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BSA Troop 909

Boy Scouts

The aims of scouting are to build character, to instill citizenship, and to promote physical fitness. The ideals of scouting, as shown through the scout oath and law and a vigorous outdoor program build strong bodies, instill an awareness of community life and needs, and allow for the practice of leadership skills. Weekly meetings are devoted to learning scout skills and crafts and there is at least one outdoor program each month. The boys become aware of the needs of everyday life and practice leadership the first-hand way. There is at least one outdoor program each month. Boy Scouts is open to boys 11 to 18 years old. Boys can join any time of the year through registration and active involvement.




Cubs Scouts

The Cub Scouts program is targeted for boys in grades k - 5th. The program is designed to introduce boys to many exciting adventures and fun activities, both indoor and outdoor, while teaching them the importance of Duty to God, helping others, and good citizenship. Boys are introduced to camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities and to indoor activities as well. Events happen in smaller groups called Dens sorted by grade level as well as the full group, called the Pack. The Cub Scout program also prepares boys for the advancement into the Boy Scout program.

Cub Scouting – The Top SIX Myths of  “reasons why my son can’t join Cub Scouts”:

# 6.  My son didn’t join when he was in the 1st grade as a Tiger Cub, so he can’t join now. 

  • The reality is that a young boy can join the Pack at any time between grades k through 5. In fact, our pack has welcomed new members from each of these different grade levels. Many join as 1st or 2nd graders, but others don’t get started until 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade.

# 5.  My son didn’t join in August or September so we missed out.

  • You can join the pack at any point during the year.

# 4.  My son is involved in sports and we have no time for Cub Scouts.

  • Our Pack has had football, soccer, baseball, and volleyball players and they have been an integral part of both their sports teams and their Cub Scout Den and Pack. Learning teamwork, service, working together, and the world around them - all while exercising and having tons of fun.

# 3.  Cub Scouting is just another Fund Raising organization and does not spend enough time helping my son to learn, grow, and experience the world around him, etc.

  • There are only two fundraisers throughout the year, which benefit the many diversified activities that the Pack partakes in.  From field trips to carnivals, from Bug Day to Rocket Derby Night, from our Swim Party to camping in the outfield after a Reds Game; from a Halloween Party to a Beach Bowl, from a Banquet to a Snowball free-for-all, from a Turkey Shoot to a Parade, Cub Scouting events are certainly more than just raising funds. In fact, Cub Scouting is more of a FUN RAISER than a Fund Raiser.

# 2.  Cub Scouting is all about doing arts and crafts at meetings and is limited in its scope of activities.

  • On the contrary, Cub Scouting has a wide variety of activities.  See #3.

AND the number one reason “why my son can’t join Cub Scouts” is:

# 1.  Cub Scouting is too much of a time commitment for my son and I. 

  • Cub Scouting is an activity that continues all year long. If you are unable to attend meetings due to other commitments, you can always attend the next meeting. Each and every activity is fun and productive on its own. Some events may be related, but missing some does not make the others less valuable. Your son can join now and attend later; your son can join later if his schedule is too full now.

Come Join the Adventure that is Cub Scouting!!

For more information please contact Mr. Ron Lewis, Cubmaster, OLV Pack 909 at 276-8542.


Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts is open to all girls in kindergarten through high school offering a program "Where girls grow to be caring, competent, confident women." The girls grow and learn through experiences that enable them to make decisions and discoveries about themselves. Girls, with the help of adult volunteers, promise to serve God and their country and to help people at all times. Activities include camping, trips, earning badges and volunteering for the community. Adults are also needed to assist with the program as leaders or helping moms.