Athletic Association
The Athletic Association is a great way to get involved at OLV and meet new people. It provides the opportunity for our grade school and high school students to participate in sporting activities including soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, football, lacrosse, golf and volleyball.  The Athletic Association provides many of the capital improvements that are necessary to insure first-class facilities for all sports participants. Athletic Association members also volunteer to help coach or coordinate various sports, and help with the festival each year.   Our monthly meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month starting at 8:30pm. We meet at the concession stand by the upper fields or in the cafeteria, depending on weather.
The aims of scouting are to build character, to instill citizenship, and to promote physical fitness. The ideals of scouting, as shown through the scout oath and law and a vigorous outdoor program build strong bodies, instill an awareness of community life and needs, and allow for the practice of leadership skills. Weekly meetings are devoted to learning scout skills and crafts and there is at least one outdoor program each month. The boys become aware of needs of everyday life and practice leadership the first-hand way. There is at least one outdoor program each month. Boy Scouts is open to boys 11 to 18 years old. Boys can join anytime of the year through registration and active involvement.
Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP), often pronounced “Chirp” is a weekend retreat designed to bring parish members together in Christ and emphasizes continued growth in Christian life. It is found throughout the United States. During the weekend you will find love and laughter, great food and friendship, and a renewed sense of belonging to this parish.
Cub Scouts
The Cub Scouts program is targeted for boys in grades one to five. The program is designed to introduce boys to many exciting adventures and fun activities, both indoor and outdoor, while teaching them the importance of Duty to God, helping others and good citizenship. Boys are introduced to camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities and to indoor activities as well. Events happen in smaller groups called Dens sorted by grade level as well as the full group, called the Pack. The Cub Scout program also prepares boys for the advancement into the Boy Scout program.
Education Commission
The purpose of the Education Commission is to recommend policy which shall govern parish educational programs, subject to the approval of the pastor. The Education Commission will serve as a vital link in assisting the pastor and parish administrators in the development of a long range plan for parish educational programs in compliance with Archdiocesan Standards and Policies and to offer counsel and advice to the pastor and parish administrators in the operation of these programs.
The OLV FM's mission is to create opportunities for families to come together and dive deeper into their faith. We understand that faith begins in the home, so it's aimed to solidify the Catholic identity of the family and build a firm foundation for our little domestic churches.  
Finance Commission
The purpose of the Finance Commission is to serve the Pastor and Pastoral Council regarding financial issues of the parish as needed.  This will be accomplished through the research and analysis of the facts surrounding the issues.  Once formulated, the financial plans and the    budgets developed will be implemented through the Pastor and the Pastoral Council.
Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts is open to all girls in kindergarten through high school offering a program "Where girls grow to be caring, competent, confident women."  The girls grow and learn through experiences that enable them to make decisions and discoveries about themselves.  Girls, with the help of adult volunteers, promise to serve God and their country and to help people at all times.  Activities include camping, trips, earning badges and volunteering for the community.  Adults are also needed to assist with the program as leaders or helping Moms.
Holy Smokes began as a crazy idea from a few friends sitting around talking about their love of BBQ. We kept saying “What if we created our own BBQ event?” Ironically, our parish was also looking for new ideas for a school fundraiser. After a few fact finding meetings, a few research trips to local BBQ establishments and a few deep breaths, we began to plan our inaugural event. What happened next is the stuff of BBQ legend. We actually got our event sanctioned by the KCBS, had a bunch of great teams sign up and hosted thousands of people for one of the most amazing days of BBQ and fun we had ever experienced.
Ladies of Victory (LOV)
Ladies of Victory is a social organization open to all women of the parish which offers service, promotes unity and provides for social activities.  Business meetings are held in October, November, January, February and May.  A speaker, demonstration or activity follows the meeting.  No dues are charged and every woman in the parish is considered a member if she chooses.  Annual events include the Mystery Trip, Anniversary Brunch, Chicken Dinner at the parish festival, Bunny Brunch and Flower Sale.  In addition, there is one major fundraiser held every other year.  Proceeds from the above events are used for various church and parish improvements.
Liturgy Planning Committee
The purpose of the Liturgy Planning Committee is to share in the responsibility for promoting good worship whenever members of the parish gather to pray and celebrate. Special liturgies during the Christmas season and the Lent/ Easter season require extra planning and preparation. The committee cares for the worship environment and makes sure that every need is carefully prepared for each liturgy.  The Liturgy Planning Committee is a function of the Worship Commission.
Marriage Ministry
The Marriage Ministry is a group of married couples who prepare engaged couples for the sacrament of Matrimony.  This preparation consists of a series of one-on-one meetings with each couple to administer the FOCCUS Inventory and then review the results with the engaged couple. The goal of FOCCUS is to help couples learn more about themselves by identifying and working through key issues before marriage. Marriage Ministry helps couples to realize the significance of the commitment they are making to each other and enriches their relationship with God and the Church.
Pastoral Council
The purpose of Pastoral Council is to help meet the pastoral needs of the parish.  Pastoral Council is primarily a consultative group representing the wisdom of the parish community at large and dealing with broad directions and goals. This is in contrast to the various missions, activities and associations which represent a specific service function and deal mainly with specific means and strategies. These various commission, activities and associations report to the Pastoral Council, thereby maintaining proper direction and leadership. Pastoral Council consists of nine members elected at large.
If you have an issue you would like to present to Pastoral Council, please contact the Chairman or other member of Pastoral Council to be placed on the agenda.
Peace & Justice Commission
The purpose of the Peace and Justice Commission is to establish, facilitate and review activities and educational programs that promote the principles set forth in the Mission Statement: “to educate, inform, and call all members of our parish community to a responsible and Christ-like action regarding social, economic, political, environmental, or any other issue that concerns human dignity and the quality of human life worldwide.”
Some of the programs include: Care Barrels/ Food Pantry, sale of Fair Trade products, The Giving Tree, Christmas in July, Tender Mercies, letter writing for Legislative Advocacy, Medical Missions overseas, and other important issues.
The meetings are always open and we welcome everyone to come, listen and learn. One person can make a difference! Can you?
Pro-Life/Pro-Family Committee
This group was created to foster an awareness of pro-life/pro-family issues and to promote, respect and reverence human life at all stages of development from conception to natural death. We hope to educate the parish on critical legislative pro-life activities, and encourage prayer in the parish and school for a greater respect for the gift of human life.
St. Vincent de Paul Society
The St. Vincent de Paul Society helps the needy families of the parish and community materially and spiritually, usually, on a temporary basis. If you are interested in helping with this important ministry, please call the parish office.
Worship Commission
The Worship Commission develops policies for the application of the guidelines of the Archdiocesan Worship Commission and is responsible for all policies under which parish liturgical worship is conducted.  Included in its responsibilities is the recruiting and training of liturgical ministers, preparing liturgical celebrations, determining parish policy on liturgical matters and liturgical education of the parish.  Its membership consists of competent, interested, and responsible persons from our parish community who share in the responsibility of promoting good worship on an ongoing basis in our parish.