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Our Parish School of Religion (PSR) dives into the Catholic faith each week led by our wonderful volunteer Catechists, assisting parents who strive to form passionate, active Catholics in the hearts of our children by using the program Faith and Life Online.









Philosophy and Goal   

The primary goal of PSR at Our Lady of Victory Parish is to continue the mission of Jesus by proclaiming the Word of God, celebrating the sacred mysteries, and serving the people of the world.


A love of God, an awareness of God's presence in our lives, and a commitment to Christian service are the values which we strongly encourage.  Because this growth and maturity of faith is a life long process, these efforts only supplement the faith development, which is happening within the individual and the family.  Through mutual cooperation, families and the parish can help all people assume their full baptismal roles in our parish community and in the church at large.


About Our Program  

We offer classes for our public school students in grades 1-8. The classes for grades 1-8 are held on Monday evenings from 6:45 – 8:00 pm. Classes typically begin in September and end in early May.

The yearly schedules for our PSR classes are posted to our website in August.

Tuition is $55 per student for parishioners (with $150 family maximum) and $75 per student for families not registered in our parish.  Payment of tuition is expected to be paid with the registration form. Tuition is waived for parents who volunteer as catechist or catechist’s aides. No child will be denied a religious education due to a lack of payment. If you need tuition assistance, please contact the Religious Education office at 347-2071.


PSR Catechists and Aides  

All PSR Catechists and Aides must be Catholic, attend Mass regularly, and follow the laws of the Church in their daily lives. They must be committed to preparing and following the established religious curriculum and lesson plans.

PSR Catechists and Aides are encouraged to attend the spiritual formation classes for catechist certification offered by the Archdiocese.

The Archdiocese requires all volunteers to do an online background check and complete the SafeParish edition of Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse training session, as well as complete interactive video-based SafeParish™ quarterly bulletins on Child Protection. For questions about SafeParish, please contact Stefanie Busch, OLV Safe Environment Coordinator, at [email protected]  Click here to get started. 




MONDAY MEMO -  Our newsletter is sent home on the first Monday of every month with each student.

PARENT HANDBOOK -  Our handbook describes the policies and procedures of the Religious Education Programs.  Please read through it and discuss it with your child.  If you do no have one, please call the Religious Education Office.

FAMILY TIME -  Positioned at the beginning of each chapter, this section provides a choice of things to do at home, providing the opportunity for families to share their own experiences.

FROM CATECHISTS - At times, catechists may send home information about upcoming classes, homework, etc.  Please ask each week for these papers.

Communication is needed both ways.  We appreciate any information you pass along, whether in person, in writing, or by telephone.  Please especially keep us informed of problems, concerns, changes in your family, or other information, such as a change of address, that will help us to work with you and your child better. We are here to listen.

TALK WITH YOUR CHILD - Find out what is going on in class from your child while you're eating, driving in the car, or before bedtime. Discuss and admire papers your child brings home. Pray with them.  Let us know how we're doing.

CHECK IT OUT - When your child has difficulties find out the facts.  Call us and ask questions.  Join forces with the catechist to help your child overcome difficulties and be successful.

REPORT ABSENTEES - Please call the office before 6:30PM to report your child's absence.  We will send homework with another student if possible.  Attending on a weekly basis and arriving on time should always be the goal.


Office of Religious Education
The RE office is located in the Parish Office.
Phone: 513-347-2071
Saint Augustine of Hippo