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Fr. Ben's Travel Log - Day 1

Monday, June 10th at 3:54PM: Arrived at CVG to find out that the 5:01PM to Philadelphia is now leaving at 6:40PM. Asked about an American customer assistance desk and was told there was one between B22 and B24. There is. But no customer service people actually at it. 

Monday, June 10th at 4:25PM: American Airline Assistance suggested either flying tomorrow instead of today or waiting to see if the rescheduled flight leaves a little earlier as it is a mechanical issue with the flight. However, the plane is not in Cincinnati now so it is even a question as to if it will get here at all. No alternative flights suggested - How about Delta! 

Monday, June 10th at 4:27PM: The place where my flight should be:

Monday, June 10th at 4:54PM: Now departs 8:21PM, so can’t make Dublin flight.

Monday, June 10th at 5:43PM: Now flying from Cincinnati to Chicago, then London and onto Dublin. Reaching Dublin around 3PM tomorrow.

Monday, June 10th at 6:55PM: American Airlines could not get me home today or tomorrow. Have booked a flight with Delta to Paris and home to Dublin. Leave tomorrow evening, arrive in Dublin Wednesday. 



  • Bev Gooderson

    Prayers for safe travels. Enjoy!

  • Amy Owens

    Well this is fun to be able to follow you home, Fr. Ben! I got tired just reading this though!! You must be exhausted after yesterday. Wishing you a safe trip! Hope it is smooth sailing (or flying, ha!) from here on out!

  • Diane Smith

    Safe travels Fr. Ben, you be home soon, I hope!

  • Diane Smith

    You probably feel you’ll never get home! Hang in there Fr Ben hopefully it will get better!