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Our Story of What Victory is All About

ia81hvozgh3v0ll9dq12lv01i2l.pngOur daughter, Emma, had extensive knee surgery in the 3rd grade.  The doctors explained Emma would be non-weight bearing for a few months after the surgery and not able to get around easily… even with the use of crutches.  Emma’s grade and classrooms were on the top floor of the school building that year, which would make getting around at Victory very difficult for her while she was recovering.  The doctors recommended we provide in-home schooling for Emma while she recovered.  Chrissy and I began looking into tutors when one day we received a call from Mrs. Hofmann, Emma’s 3rd grade teacher.  Mrs. Hofmann told us that she and the school felt very strongly that Emma should not be taken out of school and away from her classmates for an extended period of time, so they decided to completely switch floors with other grades, which meant Emma’s classes were now on the main floor and she wouldn’t have to go up and down so many levels.  This caught us completely by surprise.  We did not ask the school what could be done… Mrs. Hofmann and Victory just did it. 

Emma went back to school within a couple weeks after surgery and Mrs. Hofmann and the rest of the Victory staff made it seamless.  Mrs. Hofmann put a schedule together of Emma’s classmates that would stay in the room with her during lunch and recess, planning different games and doing other fun things to make it less of an impact.  Mrs. Hofmann came in early and stayed late every day to make sure Emma arrived and left safely.  Mrs. Hofmann also communicated with us every day to tell us how Emma’s day went and would stay back with Emma if there were classes or other events Emma could not attend.  Emma had helpers to and from classes carrying books and various things and if she needed anything all she had to do was ask.  There were many things Emma had to miss out on during those few months, but one thing she did NOT have to miss out on was being in a classroom with her friends.  The positive emotional impact of this cannot be measured.

Imagine this… entire grades, multiple teachers and students, completely changing their lives around for one student.  When someone asks us what Victory is all about we tell them our story.    

We are truly honored and privileged to be a part of the Victory Community and will gladly continue to tell people why Victory means so much to us.  #WeAreVictory

By: Brian Austing


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