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We Have Found a Family in Victory



The Catholic faith has been at the forefront of the life of our family. T.J. and I were married, had our children baptized, celebrated their First Communions, and had the funeral services of two of our children at St. Dominic. While carrying our son to term with a fatal birth defect, we attended Mass every single week. We were counseled by Father Chris and given such peace in the presence of the Church. The day I went into the hospital to have him, we attended early morning Mass. In those moments I prayed for peace and for God’s will to be done. Although our son was stillborn, we felt that peace on that day. We were blessed to have our beloved priest at the hospital the day our son passed away. He brought holy water and baptized him at the hospital with our family surrounding us. Six years later we were blessed with our youngest daughter and were able to have her baptized with the same holy water our son had been baptized with. We have had very meaningful moments at St. Dominic and it has helped to deepen our faith. It has been an important part of our faith journey.  

I never imagined moving would turn our faith into a journey far beyond Sunday Mass. Our Lady of a Victory has been more than a church to our family. It has become a part of our everyday lives. We moved into the Parish two years ago and have forever changed. As we became involved, we became a part of a community I never knew existed. My husband had told me stories of the Parish he grew up in where everyone says hello and free time is spent on parish grounds and together with other families. Where there is someone to welcome you, feed you and offer a friendly smile. When we walk into Mass we are blessed with the feeling of peace in the sanctuary, the presence of God, and friendship in the people around us. Our Lady of Victory is a place where being Catholic has brought hundreds together and being Victory has kept them wanting more.  

We have spent days and evenings that started at Old Timers softball, mini soccer, and football and ended with grill outs, desserts, chili cook offs, luaus, and most importantly fellowship. We joined the Parish without the intention of sending our children to the school and have since been lucky to have our son attend and plan to send our youngest daughter as well. Our Lady of Victory School became a positive environment with administration and staff who cared for our child for who he was, after a time where he felt he wasn’t enough. We have been involved in athletics, religious education, CRHP, and volunteering where we can.

We have found a family in Victory.  My husband has finally found what he has been looking for in a Parish: friendship, faith, and fellowship. My children have found a place they feel safe and happy, a place that they want to spend time. I have found a new peace. A comfort in knowing God’s plans are bigger than mine and He isn’t done with my story by any means. We have found a home where we are able to connect with one another and with God. It is a wonderful feeling to know God knew exactly what we needed in a church and how to help each of us connect to our Parish. Our Lady of Victory feels like home. 


By: Sarah Caito


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