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Family Holy Hour

Family Ministry: Holy Hour

One of OLV FM's favorite events are our family Holy Hours.  In the same way we orient around the Mass because Jesus is the focus, we hope to bring families together before the Eucharist for a time of Adoration and peace. Remember, faith begins in the home. So occasionally, OLV FM tries to offer an opportunity to step away from all the soccer practices, ballet routines, study sessions, and busy work days to enter into a place of mercy and peace.


What happens at FM Holy Hour?

There's no particular time you must arrive, as we understand the busyness of family life; please come and go any time in that hour you need to. Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed in the monstrance, and we will have some quiet time for personal prayer. We also occasionally have praise and worship music playing as we sit before the Lord.


I'm afraid my children will be too loud and disruptive.

Everyone is welcome to FM Holy Hour, including children of all ages and temperaments. Many families are afraid to disturb others with potentially fussy babies, but one of the best parts about FM Holy Hours is that everyone else will probably have a fussy baby too! We also provide small prayerful activities for our younger kiddos to help invite them into a personal time with the Lord (and so Mom and Dad can have that time for themselves as well).


When is the next FM Holy Hour?

Check back here often for updates on the schedule for this year. Please also check our Facebook page, where you'll get to the moment event updates and reminders.