Master Plan

The Vision


Church architecture has changed over the years. There's a distinct difference between a parish from the early twentieth century and a 1960's layout. Though the past renovation of Our Lady of Victory was wonderful and absolutely necessary, there developed over time many needs of repairs and restorations; in the process, we had an idea. The original OLV structure demanded respect and reverence while the present church is warm and inviting. Both are and were equally beautiful and sacred, but we were curious about something. Could we combine the two? Could we warm the hearts of community members and allow a space for a deeper, more reverential relationship with God? So we've decided to try. Our vision and mission, is to bring back the reverence, but keep the invitation.




The Plan


In this rather large undertaking, we will create the center aisle, tiled in ceramic with the seal of Our Lady at its base and the fleur de lis, a symbol for the lily (a special emblem of the Mother of God), guiding the priest to the Altar, just as Mary guides us all to Jesus. At the foot of the sanctuary, we will bring in a bit of the past with an exact image from the 1908 design, a true melding of the two generations. The old carpet will be replaced with new throughout the other aisles, as well as the flooring beneath the pews. The pews themselves will be cut to fit the space and refinished to shine, kneelers and all. The sacred liturgical music will prosper as well once we expand the choir area for a better musical experience. The Baptismal Font too will be moved to a permanent location under the Holy Family sculpture near the choir. This will allow more seasonal displays during May Crowning, Easter, Christmas, and other celebrations.





The Timeline


The projects begins May 31, 2016, and we will be able to have our first Mass in the newly renovated church August 6, 2016. Mass times and location will not change until July; so, throughout June, we will be in the regular church, but sitting on folding chairs. In July, we'll make the switch over to the Convocation center for Mass so the pews can be placed and the church can be completed. The calendar below shows the significant dates of the renovation.